The Inn on Maple Street Bed & Breakfast
115 E. Maple Street - One block off historic Route 6
Port Allegany, Pennsylvania 16743



Why leave a favorite family member at home?
Bring everyone along when you stay at The Inn on Maple Street.

Pet Policy
Pets are welcome with their families to book our Pet Friendly Rooms and Suites.
Please tell your owners we provide a Companion Welcome Bag with treats for snacking.
For all our other special pet guests we include a snack treat appropriate to their diet.
Owners shall control pets at all times while on the property.
Pets shall not be left alone in rooms, except during breakfast hour or dinner hour.
Pets shall not be allowed to roam the house or grounds without being leashed or without their owners.
Pets are limited to the designated yard area.
Pets shall not be permitted to lie on furniture or bedding. Please bring their favorite bedding with you.
Pets must be leashed when walked.
Owners shall clean up pet deposits when walked.
Owners shall clean paws before pet comes inside if necessary due to weather (towels will be provided).
Guests must sign a statement, agreeing to adhere to the inn's policies listed above, to be responsible for any damage done by the pet,
and to absolve the innkeepers of any liability if the pet is injured.

Although seeing-eye and service dogs fit into a special category,
we still need to be notified in advance so we can make appropriate preparations.

Additional $10 charge per night per pet.

Please call for your reservations since Pet Bookings are based on availability.

814 - 642 - 5171
Print this page for your reference.